301 all 404s to homepage

301 all 404s to homepage

Does anyone know the best way to do this? Apache, tomcat, linux

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Also the tomcat way: stick in web.xml:.
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<error-page>         <error-code>404</error-code>         <location>/homepage.html</location> </error-page> 
Relative to web apps context..
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Don't, unless is really a permantent move.

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Otherwise, return 404.

. Telling anyone your 404 page is 301, means it would show the actual content related to the URL that was asked for.

Important for SEO..


404s should be 404s.

Design a good and usable 404 page with appropriate message, link back to homepage, search form and auto discovered possible related pages.. The Smashing Magazine has a very good article on designing 404 pages..


Try the ErrorDocument directive:.
ErrorDocument 404 http://example.com/ 
Absolute URLs are being redirected..

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