php mod rewrite

php mod rewrite

i have a rule which:

 RewriteRule ^cat_ap~([^~]+)~(.*)\.htm$ /urban/cat_ap.php?$1=$2 [L] 

goes to cat_ap.php?nid=xxxxxxx

now I have to add some other support.


needs to resolve to cat_ap.php?pnid=290&nid=96666 (I'm not concerned with the end of the link though I do need it in there for legacy paid search traffic).

Also, I need to get a page_num out of the link to calculate pagination.

 cat_ap~PageNum_GetProduct~10~nid~290.htm needs to resolve to cat_ap.php?PageNum_GetProduct=10&nid=290 

I kind of need to encompass all these scenarios either into a single or multiple rules.

Any ideas? I'm reading up on this right now but am stuck.


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In this kind of scenario i'd suggest to use the rule RewriteRule ^cat_ap(~.*).htm$ /urban/cat_ap.php?$1 [L] in order to catch all possible combination and decompose the string inside your php application..
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In this way it will be easier to debug parameters, since apache can be pretty bastard sometimes..
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Here's a solution which will loop over key/value pairs in your URL:.
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RewriteRule ^cat_ap~([^~]+)~([^~]+)(.*)\.htm$ cat_ap$1?$1=$2 [N,QSA] RewriteRule ^cat_ap(.*)\.htm$ /urban/cat_ap.php [L] 
It grabs the first pair off the URL, then rewrites it to the exact same URL without that pair, adds the pair to the query string ([QSA]) and starts the rewriting process over again ([N]).

When there are no more key/value pairs in the URL, it rewrites it to your script's location and terminates rewriting ([L])..
cat_ap~pnid~290~nid~96666~posters~Sports.htm => /urban/cat_ap.php?posters=Sports&nid=96666&pnid=290 cat_ap~PageNum_GetProduct~10~nid~290.htm => /urban/cat_ap.php?nid=290&PageNum_GetProduct=10 
(Note that the order of parameters is reversed; this will only matter if the same parameter appears more than once.).


Try this for both cases:.
RewriteRule ^cat_ap~([^~]+)~([0-9]+)~([^~]+)~([0-9]+)(.*)\.htm$ /urban/cat_ap.php?$1=$2&$3=$4 [L] 

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