C++ - Calling a function inside a class with the same name as the class

C++ - Calling a function inside a class with the same name as the class

I was trying to write up a class in c++, and I came across a rather odd problem: calling outside functions inside of a class that have the same name as the class. It's kinda confusing, so here's an example:

void A(char* D) {   printf(D); }  class A  { public:   A(int B);   void C(); };  A::A(int B) {   // something here }  void A::C() {   A("Hello, World."); } 

The compiler complains at the second to last line that it can't find a function A(char*), because it is inside the class, and the constructor has the same name as the function. I could write another function outside, like:

ousideA(char* D) {   A(D); } 

And then call outsideA inside of A::C, but this seems like a silly solution to the problem. Anyone know of a more proper way to solve this?

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::A("Hello, world."); 
should work fine.

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Basically it is saying "use the A found in the global namespace".
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Use the scope resolution operator :: to access the name from the global scope:.
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void A::C() {   ::A("Hello, world."); } 


I suggest you use namespaces.

Put your class in a different namespace than the function..
namespace my_namespace1 {  void A() {}  }  namespace my_namespace2 {  struct A {};  }   int main() {     my_namespace1::A();     my_namespace2::A my_a;     } 
Of course, the real question is, why do you have a class and a function with a different name? A good easy rule is to make classes named WithABeginningCapitalLetter and functions withoutOne.

Then you will never have this problem.

Of course, the STL doesn't do this....

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