How to check if a class already exists in Ruby

How to check if a class already exists in Ruby

How do I check if a class already exists in Ruby?

My code is:

puts "enter the name of the Class to see if it exists"    nameofclass=gets.chomp   eval (" #{nameofclass}......  Not sure what to write here") 

I was thinking of using:

eval "#{nameofclass}ancestors.     ....." 

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You can use Module.const_get to get the constant referred to by the string.

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It will return the constant (generally classes are referenced by constants).

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You can then check to see if the constant is a class..
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I would do something along these lines:.
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def class_exists?(class_name)   klass = Module.const_get(class_name)   return klass.is_a?(Class) rescue NameError   return false end 
Also, if possible I would always avoid using eval when accepting user input; I doubt this is going to be used for any serious application, but worth being aware of the security risks..
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perhaps you can do it with defined? . eg:.
if defined?(MyClassName) == 'constant' && MyClassName.class == Class      puts "its a class"  end 
Note: the Class check is required, for example:.
Hello = 1  puts defined?(Hello) == 'constant' # returns true 
To answer the original question: .
puts "enter the name of the Class to see if it exists" nameofclass=gets.chomp eval("defined?(#{nameofclass}) == 'constant' and #{nameofclass}.class == Class") 


You can avoid having to rescue the NameError from Module.const_get if you are looking the constant within a certain scope by calling Module#const_defined?("SomeClass").

. A common scope to call this would be Object, eg: Object.const_defined?("User").. See: "Module"..


defined?(DatabaseCleaner) # => nil require 'database_cleaner' defined?(DatabaseCleaner) # => constant 


Class names are constants.

You can use the defined? method to see if a constant has been defined..
defined?(String)    # => "constant" defined?(Undefined) # => nil 
You can read more about how defined? works if you're interested..


Here's a more succinct version:.
def class_exists?(class_name)   eval("defined?(#{class_name}) && #{class_name}.is_a?(Class)") == true end  class_name = "Blorp" class_exists?(class_name) => false  class_name = "String" class_exists?(class_name) => true 


Kernel.const_defined?("Fixnum") # => true 


Here's something I sometimes do to tackle this very issue.

You can add the following methods to the String class like so:.
class String     def to_class         Kernel.const_get self     rescue NameError          nil     end      def is_a_defined_class?         true if self.to_class     rescue NameError         false     end end 
'String'.to_class => String 'unicorn'.to_class => nil 'puppy'.is_a_defined_class? => false 'Fixnum'.is_a_defined_class? => true 


I used this to see if a class was loaded at runtime:.
def class_exists?(class_name)   ObjectSpace.each_object(Class) {|c| return true if c.to_s == class_name }   false end 


In just one line, I would write:.
!!Module.const_get(nameofclass) rescue false 
that will return trueonly if the given nameofclass belongs to a defined class..


I assume you'll take some action if the class is not loaded.. If you mean to require a file, why not just check the output of require?.
require 'already/loaded'   => false 

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