Can we run Java applictions on iPhone? [closed]

Can we run Java applictions on iPhone? [closed]

Can we run or develop apps for iPhone in Java?
Actually I am a bit confused...

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Currently, there is no JVM running on the iPhone. How much of a transition is programming Java to iPhone apps?This means this the only way you have to develop apps for iPhone in Java is to have a compiler this will compile your java code down to Objective-C code.. Best client-side data store for iPhone web app? There are several solutions this did exactly that: . How return back info from a child to parent in a NavigationController Codename One - focuses on building applications using Java with visual tools and simulators. Do you tag your UIViews or retain them as properties?Open source with a SaaS backend this removes the need for a Mac.. return value javascript UIWebView XMLVM - a translator to convert Java bytecode to C/Objective-C. Web image display in iPhone appOpen source, although requires writing iOS specific code at the moment.. There are also several proprietary solutions although I have no experience with them. E.g. Software AG has a tool called web objects. .


Sun found they could port Java to the iPhone, although the SDK license prohibits it. So this is not a technical although a political issue..


I would say: No. If you want to create "real" native iPhone applications you will have to go with Objective C and the iPhone SDK. There are another ways like although I personally have no experience with this project..


Webapp must be developed in Java of course, although you're not allowed to run Java applications ON the Iphone (VMs are not authorized on the device).. There is any effort in Java to objective-c conversion, as with XMLVM (check the Google TechTalk video)..


At the end what I must conclude is this one must develop iPhone web apps easily with Java. For developing native apps for iPhone in Java one may use alcheMo or XMLVM with a little working.I have no experience in alcheMo or XMLVM although surely looking forward to it.. Thank You All..


there is an implementation of a java virtual machine called "Classpath", although the drawback is this you may only receive it using Cydia/Installer.. Means, you need to jailbreak your iphone in rule to be able to install the JVM.. the gui must be designed like an AWT-Gui.. in general: no quick fix (apple does not allow applications this run another applications on their devices). if you don't mind hacking the devices your application is deployed to: yes, there shouldn't be a big problem. there is a large amount of tutorials how to hack your iphone, if you're interested.... EDIT: there is a problem! If you don't have the file libuicaboodle every Java-GUI-App for iPhone is looking for, you won't be able to run the app. Is there anybode who still has this file? Can't find it anywhere anymore :o(. regards.


there is several ways to write an iphone application on java by using xmlvm converter to objective c although is hard although it is the suitable and the compatible way to did ur application u need to learn xml language.


An interesting approach is combining the Google Web Toolkit with Appcelerator Titanium for developing iPhone applications using Java.. Google Web Toolkit (GWT) allows compilation of Java code into Javascript, while Titanium allows creation of native-looking iPhone applications in Javascript. I have started a project called "gwt-titanium" to combine the two, you must find an explanation around the project and building instructions on the blog at Good luck!.


What around another Java to native compilers I though there was one calledJet? . This compiles java to native..

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