UIImage and UILabel outside UITableView

UIImage and UILabel outside UITableView

Look at this image:

alt text

I know how to add UITableView with grouped style and how to add label in any table cell.

But how can I add image and labels on top on the view, like screen.

How do I center a UIImageView within a full-screen UIScrollView?


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Using Interface Builder, you must just drag these (UILabels and UIImageViews) onto your view. NSMutableArray containsObject method not detecting objectIf you're using a UITableViewController, you might want to switch to a standard UIViewController, to commit you more control over what goes into the view.. Adding unique objects to Core Data After you've dragged them on, hook them up via outlets (if you want to programatically change/access them) or set their contents in IB and be done with it.. Using an existing C++ engine on the iPhone
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