how to search the file in the next level of the mac root?

how to search the file in the next level of the mac root?

I want to search a file and get it in the mac root . I used the subpathsAtPath: of NSFileManager and put the root path "/", but I found that this func searched so deeply and took a long time. I hand known that that the file I want to find in the the next level of root , what func I can used , thanks a lot!

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There's no "out of the box" solution for what you want to do.

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You would need to use the directoryContentsAtPath: method to get a list of all the objects in the root directory, then loop through those objects, examining the directory contents of each one..
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The directoryContentsAtPath: method returns a list of directories and files, so you'll need to use something like fileExistsAtPath:isDirectory: in your loop to make sure you only look inside directories..
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