how can I order the results of a query filter?

how can I order the results of a query filter?

I have this line of code in my views that allows me to display a group of items by date (I've also reversed the order so the most recent displays first):

currentlinks = Current.objects.order_by('date_added').reverse()[:5] 

works fine, but however, when I concatenate the order_by code with a filter...

currentsources = Current.objects.filter(source__exact='bbc').order_by('date_added') 

why doesn't this doesn't work? poor syntax perhaps, or am I just not understanding how this is supposed to work?

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If there are no Current objects with a source of "bbc", then you will of course get an empty result set.

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Is that what you mean by doesn't work? If not, please post the results you do get..
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Update: One more thing to try: fire up.
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and then in the shell, evaluate the queryset which is giving the problem..
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currentsources = Current.objects.filter(source__exact='bbc').order_by('date_added') 
Then, do the following:.
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from django.db.import connection connection.queries 
and this will show the raw SQL which is executed for the queryset.

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It should help home in on the issue..


One thing that I noticed in your query: if you're trying to reverse the order so that more recent dates appear first, you would use the following syntax:. currentlinks = Current.objects.order_by('-date_added'). The minus sign in front on the field reverses the order.

It equates roughly to the following syntax in SQL:. SELECT * FROM current_links ORDER BY date_added DESC. The order_by() should work if you chain it after a filter(), provided that the filter() is valid..

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