Remote debug a linux app from XCode

Remote debug a linux app from XCode

it's simple i had this linux pc which i connect remote and i have this application that i run there and i want to debug it, but i just don't know how. It's the simpler c++ app on the world, load some libraries, do some calculus, print some output and return,

It's just that, i just haven't any clue.

So any help would be appreciated. Thxs anyway

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You can't use Xcode for this - just use gdb (which is what Xcode uses under the GUI anyway)..
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[You might be able to do it indirectly, if you build and debug the code on your Mac, but that assumes that you're not doing anything non-portable (i.e.

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Linux-specific) in the code, and there aren't any other platform-specific dependencies (e.g.

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third party libraries, etc).

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You would still need to do final test and debug on the Linux machine but at least you could potentially squash any logic bugs on the Mac first.].
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